Deluxe Vibrating Inflatable Hot Seat - Black

€152.95 €92.18

Product Code: PD5682-23

Manufacturer: Pipedream - King Cock

Color: black - Description: - Take the ride of your life with the Deluxe King Cock Vibrating Hot Seat! Anchored in the middle of the inflatable cushion is a smooth plastic vibrator that allows you to slide a lifelike King Cock dildo over it for the most realistic ride ever imagined. Choose between a 6?, 7? or 8? King Cock dildo, slide it on the vibrating shaft, turn the dial to find a speed that's right for you, and mount up. The powerful vibrations tease and please you with each movement of your body, while the dildos feel just like the real thing with an amazing buzz! The air-seal valve makes inflating the Hot Seat a snap