all-in The Family 3 - 5-Pack

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Manufacturer: Devil's Films

5 Disc Set Includes Mothers Teaching Daughters How To Suck Cock 4 "Listen, girl... You're gonna be screwing a lot of horny studs before long. Shoving those big throbbing cocks deep inside your dripping snatch is great but the most fun he's going to have is when you first pull out his rigid rod and slide your mouth over it. I'm just your mom, but I sucked off every guy in town and probably could have run for mayor if just the guys were voting. So it's time you learned the techniques of a Cock Sucking master, and if you learn everything I teach you, you might even run for President!" It's Okay! She's My Step Daughter 4 These moms just remarried but don't have a clue! They should know better than to leave their over-sexed young daughters alone with their new husbands! But hey... they're not related, so it's okay to fool around... isn't it? You could say that these girls have formed very unique relationships with their step dads! Wanna Fuck My Daughter Gotta Fuck Me First 7 When my own daughter brings home young, hot studs they always give me those lascivious looks like they want me on my knees stuffing their hard cocks down my throat, and truthfully, I actually want to do it! So now when they give me those lustful looks, I don't care, I drop to my knees and wrap my lips around their big cocks right in front of my daughter. She acted shocked at first, but like mother, like daughter... before long she's on her knees next to me doing the same thing. It's Okay! She's My Mother In Law 3 My wife told me her mom was a big flirt and that I'd better stay away. I said, "Yes dear." When I finally met her I knew exactly what she meant. But her mom was much more than an innocent flirt, I found out personally, she was a totally smoking hot slut! But I'm not telling my wife a thing. It will be mine and her mom's dirty little family secret. Like Father Like Son Well, the boy is finally all grown up and the time has come to show him the ropes. This shouldn't be too difficult as he's always taken after his father. Having a son who thinks just like you is the greatest joy a father can ever have. This bonding experience will have ever-lasting effects on father and son, alike.