All In The Family - 5-Pack

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Manufacturer: Devil's Films

Includes - Mothers Teaching Daughters How To Suck Cock Mommy's little girl has grown up into a beautiful, sexy and horny woman, but she knows nothing about pleasing a man. She desperately wants to learn how to suck cock, so she goes to her mom for advice. Well, the only way mom knows how to teach is by example. Now her ready, willing and inexperienced daughter gets up close and learns how to really suck a cock and make mom proud. This is a mother/daughter bonding experience. - It's Okay! She's My Step Daughter Helping her with her homework...her doctor's appointment. My cheerleader and her friend! She's being a naughty girl and I'm gonna give it to her! - It's Okay! She's My Mother In Law I know what you're thinking. Just because she's hot, horny, beautiful and she's my wife's mother it's wrong. But she wants my hard cock deep inside her steaming pussy and I don't care, we both want to cum all night, and we will! - Mothers Teaching Daughters How To Suck Cock 2 The traditional "Birds and the Bees" talk will never be the same again! When Mom decides she has to have that "talk" with her sexually curious daughter, it turns into a personal demonstration. Mom knows better than anyone how to please a man with her mouth and keep him happy. Mom's lesson #1 for her daughter is: suck your man's hard cock until he shoots his hot cum all over you every time he wants it! Because if YOU don't take care of his needs, he'll find someone else that will. - Wanna Fuck My Daughter Gotta Fuck Me First 5 There are some times when a mother has just got to take charge! Like when my daughter brings home these hot, horny, and hung (I know, I peek) studs and fucks them for hours on end. It gets frustrating and my steaming pussy aches for some stiff man-meat to ream me out like she gets it. So I made a deal with her, every guy she brings here has got to fuck me before screwing her. So now we're both getting our snatches pumped full of cum, and we're loving every throbbing inch. Hey, it's a family thing!