Asses Galore - 5-Pack

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Product Code: 5PK068

Manufacturer: Devil's Films

Includes - Bubble Butt P.O.V. 2 They're so warm, so soft, and now, so invitingly covered in a greasy, slippery bath of hot, sensuous oil! Their bubble butts and our P.O.V. cameras are going to take you up close and so personal, that you'll almost be sliding your big, hard dick deep inside these well-lubed holes! Firm, young asses, greased up and begging for cum, it doesn't get any slicker than this! - Bubble Butt P.O.V. 3 So round, so soft, so deliciously warm... when we say these horny chicks are all hot pieces of ass, we're not kidding! But as much as they like the feel of a hard dick shoved deep past their tight sphincters, they'll take a hard, cum pumping cock anywhere! And our P.O.V. cameras show you exactly where they want you to shove your big, hard throbbing cock. It's well oiled bubble butts and P.O.V., because it should look as good... as it feels! - Bubble Butt P.O.V. 4 A pretty face is great, an awesome set of hooters is to die for, but if she turns around and shows you a mouthwatering ass, she's really fan-fucking-tastic! That's because she's got a bubble butt, a raunchy rear end that's round and soft and just begging to get stroked, caressed, and spread! Because inside that gorgeous bubble butt is what you're really looking for. Steaming holes that begged to get plugged, reamed, and hosed down with spewing cum! And our P.O.V. cameras will show you just how much fun you're gonna have! - Bubble Butt P.O.V. 5 So round, so firm, so soft but so fucking hot! Bubble butts, they can drive us guys into a state of lurid superhorniness! Sure, a pretty face is desirable, and a nice set of knockers gets us up for action, but if she's got a warm bubble butt - you and that more than anything. Because inside those inviting mounds of flesh are two deep holes just waiting for your cum! And our P.O.V. cameras get you so close that you'll be in those holes! - Big Ass POV Take an up and close look at some if the finest big asses anywhere. These chicks want to show you every inch of their fine booties... in your face!! It's like you're right there, slowly sliding your cock into those hot, wet pussies and then bending them over and blasting your load all over their big, round asses.