Bi Sex 2 - 5-Pack

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Manufacturer: Devil's Films

5-Pack Includes: - Blow Bi Blow 2 So this chick's sucking your buddy's cock as you stand next to him, but then she looks at you sand asks "...wanna try?" And then your buddy says, "C'mon dude, give it a try, see if you're as good as she is!" So you think to yourself "is this where I become BISEXUAL?" SURE IS!! And you're about to discover how hot sucking another guy's cock can be!!! And the funny this is... it won't be long until he's sucking yours! Being Bi really is the best of both worlds, now see what you've been missing!! - Blow Bi Blow 3 Hey guys, ever wonder what it's like to suck another man's hard cock. The best person to show you how to do it might be your own girlfriends! Think about it, she sucks you and you love to squirt your load in her mouth. So how about having her show you why she's good at it. Then even you can suck your buddy's cock. She likes it, so why wouldn't you? Go ahead, be adventurous. Besides you never know you might like it! Just check out these guys and see how much "Bi"fun they're having! - Blow Bi Blow 4 Girls will be girls and guys will be guys, but occasionally things get a little naughty and some guys prefer to DO guys! When that old curiosity gets the better of those guys and they begin to wonder what it's like to fondle and stroke a throbbing hard cock and then slide that stiff man meat into their waiting mouths... that's when the fun starts! Does that make them gay? Does it make them Bi? Does it matter? They're having fun, the girls are having fun, so who cares? Ain't sex great?! - Wanna Fuck My Wife Gotta Fuck Me Too 2 Hey, you think my chick's pretty hot, right? Trust me- she is! And I'll let you fuck her, but only with one important condition: You gotta fuck me too! C'mon, if you want her bad enough, you can do it. Just let me suck your dick and you'll get the idea. You've had a lotta chicks, but you still need to try some dick! And after you fuck me... you get to screw her! Best of both worlds dude! - Wanna Fuck My Wife Gotta Fuck Me Too She's the hottest thing you've ever seen and you'll do anything to get some of that sweet pussy. Well my friend, you just might have to, because here's the deal. She'll let you fuck her all you want, but she wants to see you and her husband fuck too! Oh, did we mention that she has a big, mean strap-on all lubed up and ready for your skinny ass? This is one twisted threesome you can't pass up.