Bi Sex - 5-Pack

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Product Code: 5PK039

Manufacturer: Devil's Films

Includes: - Blow Bi Blow It's OK man, you can admit it... you're just a little more than curious about being with a guy, and your girlfriend told you that she's totally into sucking another guys cock with you. Well check it out because this is your fantasy movie! Nothing but boys and girls sucking cock. A 100% oral sextravaganza that will surely end up with cum covered faces. No dirty anal sex, just hot & hard Bisexual cock swallowing! - Bi Accident 1 So you and your buddy are both fucking this really raunchy slut in a wicked three-way, and you start thinking "...damn, he looks pretty hot, too!" Welcome to the delightfully fucked-up world of bisexuality! Hey, he's got a warm mouth, and a tight hole (and so do you), so why let the chick have all the fun? Share the cum-soaked action in a way you never dreamed of! It's bi all right, but it's no accident! - Bi Accident 2 What happens if your chick tells you she'd like to fuck you and your best friend at the same time? And then what happens during your raunchy 3-way when you feel his hand stroking your dick? Bisexuality happens, dude, and you might as well give it a shot because it could be great! Hey, you're really just three naked, horny people getting off - what could be more fun that that? - Bi Accident 3 You finally talk your girlfriend into a 3-way! She says she knows a friend. You can't wait! When she comes home, she walks through the door and you go into shock...her friend is a guy! Oops! One small detail you overlooked. But you can see that she's really into it now and it's turning you on. You can't just sit there and watch, you have to join in and go for it. Turns out, it was the hottest, nastiest sex either of you have ever had. You see that wicked look in her eye and you realize...this was no accident. - Bi Accident 4 Your best buddy is a pretty nice looking hunk of stud, and you know from the gym he's really hung. You've always wanted to be a little more than just friends but afraid he wouldn't understand. Then you get an his girlfriend into a three-way! She's hot and love kinky sex. And it doesn't get much kinkier than this. Think of it, two hard cocks, her dripping snatch and balls so full of cum that they're ready to explode. It's a three way orgy that's cum-soaked and non-stop...and it's all Bi Accident!