Born To Swing - 5-Pack

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Product Code: 5PK087

Manufacturer: Devil's Films

5 Disc Set Includes Neighborhood Swingers Well these are those neighbors! Their called swingers! They're in every city in every state in the country. This is what happens behind closed doors when they find other swingers that love to swap partners and just fuck each other crazy! Hey, can you blame them, they're young sexy and horny. This is what open marriages is all about open to fucking anyone you want. Neighborhood Swingers 2 In towns across this great country of ours people are cuming together. In a struggling economy, money is tight. You can't always afford dinner and a movie. So it's neighbor helping neighbor, bring over some left overs, a couple beers and your hot wife or sexy girlfriend and start swinging!!! Can't find a swingers party... start one!!! You now have a perfect excuse to fuck your friend's wife!!! Interracial Swingers 2 Jeff always wanted to bang a black chick, and his best friend Tyrone just so happened to wanna do a white girl. Perfect! A little planning at the bar is all it took to make these dreams cum true. Interracial Swingers Adam said, "Your girlfriends really smokin' dude, I've always wanted to be with a black girl!". "Well, I've always wanted to corn hole me a white bitch", said Dennis... You see where this is going! Neighborhood Swingers 3 Another beautiful day in sunny California. Makes you want to get out and fuck some neighbors. You've got the pool so make some calls and get the party started or maybe just have a peak thru the fence or over the wall. Either way, get your neighborhood swingin'.