Fat and Sassy Sluts 2 - 5-Pack

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Product Code: 5PK058

Manufacturer: Devil's Films

Includes: - I Like Fat Girls 5 Triple chili cheese burgers, stacks of bean burritos, thick slabs of chocolate layer cake with gallons of rich ice cream, and that's just a snack! And you're invited for the main course: a huge helping of the biggest, hottest, and horniest BIG girls in porn! They love to fuck as much as they love to eat, and you're going to love them as they devour hard, cum-pumping dicks and slurp up every sticky drop of thick jizz. If you've never fucked a FAT GIRL like these chicks- you're in for a ball-draining treat! FAT GIRLS really do fuck better, so you're going to want to stay around for dessert! - I Like Fat Girls 6 Fat girls are HOT because there's so much of them to hang on to! Everything on a fat chick is extra large and oversized- and not just their appetite either... unless it's their appetite for sex! Everything feels good to these big mamas. From thick slabs of chocolate cake (with buckets of whipped cream, of course) to getting their aching holes reamed out by the biggest cocks they can find. So get a chick whose bathroom scale is broken and you're in for a night of cum splattering fun, but be careful about letting her get on top... because accidents do happen! - I Like Fat Girls 7 Why do I like fat girls? Because there's so much more of them to like! Their boobs aren't just big... they're HUGE! And those asses aren't wide... they're MASSIVE! But most of all I like their appetite for non-stop, ball-draining, cum-pumping, all night sex!! Get one of these big, horny chicks turned on and it's like going to an all-you-can-eat dessert restaurant for sex. You're going to want an antacid for your dick - but they're worth every calorie! - I Wanna Butt-Fuck A Fatty 2 My Buddy's chick weighs over 250 pounds and when I kidded him about her size he said that fat chicks are the hottest screw imaginable especially when they take it up the ass! So I had to try buttfucking a fatty, and he was right! So here cums over half a ton of insatiable sexual pleasure just for you. And be sure to stick around for dessert. - I Wanna Butt-Fuck A Fatty 3 My buddies ask me... Why do I get so turned on by fat chicks, and all I can say is wait 'til you get a hold of your first really big woman because if you think she loves food... She loves non-stop butt-fucking anal sex even more! Believe me, nobody takes a load of jizz up the ass like a fatty!