Fat and Sassy Sluts 3 - 5-Pack

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Product Code: 5PK079

Manufacturer: Devil's Films

5 Disc Set Includes - I Like Fat Girls 8 These massive mamas are so horny to fuck that they almost forgot to eat... just kidding! These large ladies never skip a meal, especially if it's to get enough calories to fuck all night long! But you've got to be smart, you can't take these BBWs to just any dinner, you'd go broke! Go for the all you can eat buffet. Just feed 'em and fuck 'em! Now you've got a fat girl that wants YOU for dessert!! - I Like Fat Girls 9 These big and delicious ladies bring new meaning to those words whole lotta love. Ounce for ounce and pound per pound, big girls do it just as good as those skinny bitches. Bone is for the dog... Meat is for the man!! - I Like Fat Girls 10 Big, giant, wet pussies, devouring cocks like there's no tomorrow. These full bodied ladies are hungry for cum, and nothing will stand in their way. nothing. - I Like Fat Girls 11 These BBW devour cocks like a black hole in space! The only exercise these large ladies get is sex and driving to the grand opening of a donut shop. Even when they're fucking they're thinking about eating. Always searching for hard cocks to snack on. - I Wanna Butt-Fuck A Fatty 4 "Why do I want to stick my dick up some fat chick's ass? Because that fucking ass is so fucking huge! And any slut that loves to eat as much as they do, has got to love double helpings of non-stop sex, like I do! That's why I'm gonna butt-fuck a big... fucking fatty!"