Fat and Sassy Sluts - 5-Pack

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Product Code: 5PK038

Manufacturer: Devil's Films

Includes: - I Wanna Butt-Fuck A Fatty "I look at all those skinny Gym-rat chicks, and they're all so boring. But when I see a massively overstuffed mama, who loves to eat just as much as she loves to screw, all I can think of is peeling apart her huge ass cheeks and squeezing my hard cock all the way up her ass! I Wanna Buttfuck A Fatty!" - I Like Fat Girls That's not just meat on those poor, overstressed bones - it's FAT!! Cubic yards of thick, jiggling blubber that got there in just one way, by stuffing their bloated bellies with second and third helpings of EVERYTHING! But the dessert they love most is a hard dick up their creamy cooze! When they have that much fun eating, you know they have just as much fun sucking and fucking your hard cock. That's why we like FAT GIRLS! - I Like Fat Girls 2 Like 'em BIG? We mean really HUGE! Do you want to wrap your hands around tits bigger than watermelons? Well we've got four of the biggest reasons you'll ever see to avoid those second helpings (they never did). They say fat girls love to fuck and these extra large reasons to cum are no exception. There's nothing better for them (except for an extra helping of dessert) than cramming a big, hard dick crammed up their creamy cooze. Hey, why not go for seconds?! - I Like Fat Girls 3 Some say that screwing a fat chick is the hottest sex you'll ever experience. And why not, any girl who stuffs her face with endless, huge helpings of double chili cheese burgers and triple thick shakes loves how good it feels pounding down all those calories. It's pure pleasure...and so is sucking a hard cock and then cramming that dick deep inside her tight gooey hole and riding that big rod until it explodes in a massive gusher of (you guessed it) another helping of thick, fresh cream. We like those fat girls because they all love sex, sex and more sex! Dive in! - I Like Fat Girls 4 Who needs a thin, skinny, scrawny looking chick whose favorite word is DIET? Real men love a real woman whose favorite word is SUPER SIZE! Give them a chick who loves to eat and we'll show you a chick who loves to FUCK! Any girl who can polish off a chocolate cream pie all by herself can also suck the jizz out of any guy's balls, and keep cumming back for more. These 'tons of fun' honies love everything that feels (and tastes) good, and we've got four luscious mountains of calorie soaked mamas for you to enjoy. So belly up to the table, grab some overstuffed flesh and see why WE LOVE FAT GIRLS...the bigger, the better!