Frat House Fuck Party 2 - 5-Pack

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5 Disc Set Includes - University Gang Bang 6 As soon as these girls were old enough they didn't hesitate to get out of the house and go off to college. But they weren't interested in degrees. They wanted to get fucked by all the hot, hung, frat boys. They knew the dorms were loaded with horny, hard cocks and balls full of warm, sweet cum. If sex was a class, these girls would all be professors! - University Gang Bang 7 It's another semester of studying for tests and final exams. With all that cramming, these cute little coeds have to blow off some steam and get wild. So they invite 3 or 4 of the nearest jocks to their dorm room and do a different kind of cramming! They examine huge, hard cocks and cram them in every tight, wet hole they have. These gang bangin' babes forget all about p.h.d.'s and focus on c.u.m.!! - University Gang Bang 8 Classes have filled up and so have the asses and mouths of these fine young Coeds! Join them as they take a break from hitting the books and invite over a few classmates to hit some pussy, ass and finish off in their mouths! University Gang Bang 8 Where every girl has an equal chance to get educated in the fine art of gang bang fucking! - Teacher's Got A Tight Pussy Evie, Jenna, Mia, and Serena are all professional teachers who have one thing in common...they love helping their students after class is over. But they prefer students with big cocks who love ramming them deep inside teacher's tight pussy until the desks are covered with gallons of fresh cum. Isn't homework fun! - Teacher's Got A Tight Pussy 2 Four naughty teachers...dedicated, hardworking but they have one thing most teachers don't- an insatiable appetite for helping their young, male students with after class studies, especially Comparative Anatomy! These sessions can turn into all-night grinds as the students learn to bury their hard cum pumping dicks in the teachers' sooo tight pussies. Gotta love homework!