Guys Who Crave It Up The Ass - 5-Pack

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Product Code: 5PK036

Manufacturer: Devil's Films

Includes: - Strap On Addicts Sure these cum-loving sluts love getting reamed by big dicks, but they really get off when they've got a dick too! Only it's bigger, it's harder, and it's all greased up and ready to get crammed all way up a guy's tight and raunchy hole! It's time for the chicks to show those 'dicks' what it's like, and you know what, guys - they all love it! - Strap On Addicts 2 Hey, you're a chick - you're supposed to be getting fucked... not the other way around. But these guys love getting their asses crammed full of huge strap-on dildos, then turning the tables by plowing these slut's with their real cocks! It's a non-stop fuck fest where every-body gets screwed! Why don't you become an addict and join them! - Strap On Addicts 3 For those guys who think they've tried everything, and to those chicks who've been screwed every way possible, we've just found a hot, new, fuckin' nasty perversion just for you both! And all you need is a raunchy, sick slut with a huge, scary strap-on dildo! Oh,'re also gonna need a lot of lube, 'cause, hey,'re about to get the screwing this time! But beware, it's very addictive! - Strap On Addicts 4 Boys will always be boys, but sometimes girls wanna be boys too! And it's easy...all they gotta do is strap a big, hard dildo over their snatch, grease it all up, and slide that plastic cock deep inside some lucky dude's waiting ass! So check out these "well-hung" chicks - they love doin' the screwin' as much as you do! And the guys all like it too...just look at those pumping buckets of hot cum! - Take It Like A Man Today girls take their revenge, right from the start the action is intense when these girls find out just how much fun it is to wear the pants, and the cock, in this situation. Choking and ass fucking is the name of the game. No less than 3 girl cocks per man-ass and one man-whore even took 4 big black girl cocks. Stay tuned to the end for an unbelievable double anal that just keeps going and going...