Bi-Polar General Purpose Clamp


Product Code: EM2170

Manufacturer: ElectraStim

The ElectraStim ElectraClamp might look quite severe, but its bark is definitely worse than its bite. This soft clamp has light grip for a slow escalation to pinching sensations. Designed to be used with any ElectraStim stimulator (sold separately), you can clip this genital clamp onto any part of the penis, testicles or vulva to feel a light pinch accompanied by the erotic tingles of electro-stimulation. Ideal for use as part of sensory play, the clamp has precision tips that conduct a strong sensation to a small surface area. To amp up sensation quickly, choose a high intensity setting on your stimulator. For tie and tease play, start off on a low intensity and build up power to maximise erotic effect. The bi-polar design allows you to use the clamp with both tips live to maximise sensation. You can also use ElectraClamp as a uni-polar electrode alongside any other uni-polar electrode. It