Cupido Egg - Pink


Product Code: SHT157PNK

This big wireless vibrating egg has 10 different, very exciting positions, all adjustable with the wireless remote control. From a comfortable, gentle position to an extremely strong vibrating position; you control it with your wireless remote from up to 20 metres away. The egg has a soft, silky layer. This gives it a unique look and feel. The remote control is made from brushed stainless steel and has a fastener which makes it easy to attach it to your keyring. The batteries for the egg as well as for the remote are included in the package, free of charge. Tip: Give the remote control to your partner; he or she will be in control of the egg. - Vibrations up. - Vibrations down. - ON/OFF button. - Slide lock down to display remote control panel or slide up to protect remote control. Batteries included: 2xAAA