Flow Sheath Accessory - Blue


Product Code: SF001

Manufacturer: Cascade

The Cascade Flow Sheath – For use with your favourite Cascade Self-lubricating sex toy, you can now change the sensation with just a quick twist. Sculpted from sumptuously soft silicone, the Cascade Flow sheath is perfect for those of you that like to keep it simple. This satin smooth silicone shaft is perfectly formed with a gently rounded crown making it ideal for external or internal stimulation. Cascade Self-Lubricating sex toys are the first to feature our LubePlay system, with lubricant available at the touch of a button, you will never have to pause in play again. - For use with all Cascade self-lubricating sex toys - 100% Satin smooth silicone - Flawless smooth design Color(s) blue-Material: Silicone