Gplug - Large - Ocean Blue


Product Code: FT10189

Manufacturer: G-Vibe

Gplug is the smallest rechargeable butt plug on the market! the small version has a diameter of 3 cm (1.1 in) and the large one has a diameter of 3,9cm (1,54 Inch). This is the hottest selling size of anal toys. User Guide Using Gplug without remote control Press the button at the bottom of the Gplug to turn on the toy. Press button again to change the vibration mode. There are 6 vibration modes: OFF To turn off the Gplug you will have to go through allvibration modes until it stops vibrating. Here is how it looks like: Press one time and this will set mode #1. Press one more time and then you will be at mode #2, then by pressing again and again you will go through mode 3, mode 4, mode 5, mode 6 and then you will reach the OFF mode. Gplug controlled by Gring remote control You can also use Gring as a remote control for your Gplug toy. Due to its positioning on the finger, you can easily navigate between the modes, while enjoying the pleasure from the Gplug. - Turn off both the Gplug and the Gring. - Press the Start button on the Gplug for 2 seconds. Then the LED will start flashing, meaning that the toy is already in the remote mode. Press the Plus