Iroha - Mikazuki


Product Code: HMF-01

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The Iroha Mikazuki has a thin, flexible crescent shaped design that ergonomically fits the contours of a woman's body and delivers a soft undulating sensation to the female erogenous zones. This pastel colored vibrator is covered in a unique “Soft Touch” silicone that is naturally smooth in texture and can repel dust and be used underwater. Just like its counterpart, the Iroha Minamo, this massager has multiple vibration strengths and a fully functional storage-case-charger. The simple two button controls offer a variety of ‘near-quiet’ power modes that include low, mid, high, and pulsating action making erotic self- pleasure very discreet. - Four vibration settings and continuously runs for 90 minutes - Unique SoftTouch material with anti-dust coating - Waterproof up to 19 inches - USB Charging Case Color(s) yellow-Material: Silicone